December 23, 2013

Meet the Member Mondays- Shan Shan W.

Hi! My name is 
Shan Shan Ward, and my husband, Matt Ward, is an MS2 Air Force. We were married in February this year, and we have a little one due next year in March! Matt is not prior service, but he did attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

I went to school at Colorado College, where I received a B.A. in Dance. It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I love to dance, to eat food, to cook food, to read about food, to read other (non-food) books, to hike to tall places, to research family history, and to make random things myself (as opposed to buying premade). I think I especially like that I gain skills from learning how to make things myself. I have a short attention span, but I love to see a project to finish. Also, aesthetically pleasing things just make me happy. :)

I moved a lot growing up, so I don’t really have a “from” besides where family is. So far I’ve lived in… (ready for it?) New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado (where I met my husband), and now here in Maryland.  And my parents weren't part of the military either! Now I consider home wherever my loved ones are.

My experience as a military spouse has been great so far, but I haven’t been a military spouse for very long. I’m still pretty clueless about where to go or what the acronyms mean, but luckily there’s other spouses I can ask. I planned to be a full-time stay at home mom once kids came into the picture, so I don’t feel like I’ve had to give up anything about my life/career to support Matt. We’re excited about the places we’ll be stationed in the future (maybe not so much about the packing and unpacking…), and we look forward to the many other adventures that will come!

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  1. To be a military spouse is great though there are challenges along the way but they all worth it when surpassed. I love it when you seems so enjoy and fun being married to a military. Keep it up!

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