October 20, 2014

Meet the Members Monday: Stephanie P

     Hello!  My name is Stephanie P and my husband, Michael, is a first year student in the Army with no prior service.  We are both from Colorado and are high school sweethearts.  We have been married for 3 years and together for 11 years.  We spent 6 years living in Boulder, CO then moved to Boston for 3 years where my husband completed a masters in Biomedical Engineering.  I have a degree in mathematics and spent the last five years working for a consulting firm as a financial analyst in both Boston and Denver.  I am now pursuing a graduate degree in teaching.  Upon finishing the degree I hope to teach high school math.  
     When we aren't studying we love to travel, mountain climb, rock climb and trail run. In Colorado we also did a lot of skiing, but we haven't tried East Coast skiing yet! We spent the past summer in Peru climbing mountains before embarking on this journey at USU.  We love to travel and next up on our list is Patagonia, New Zealand and Alaska.
     I look forward to getting involved in the SSC through the adult socials and volunteer opportunities.

October 13, 2014

Meet the Members Monday - Holly P.

     I am Holly Pike, the spouse of Dan Pike, 1st year student. I am a household engineer for my amazing husband & 4 crazy kiddos- Cameron (Cam) 7, Allison (Ally) 5, Andrew (Drew) 3, and Catherine (Katie) 1. I grew up in upstate New York near Rochester and met my husband, who is also from that area on a blind date. I actually had to be bribed to go on the date by my best friend’s boyfriend- after I met him I was super glad I went! We have been married 9 years, moved 7 times, had each of our kids in a different state (Texas (Laughlin, AFB), Ohio (Wright-Patterson, AFB), Wisconsin (UW Madison) & Colorado (USAFA) -in that order) & have loved every minute of our journey together! My husband has been in the Air Force for 8 years, had several different jobs while we have moved all over the country. He began his AF career in pilot training, but after 6 weeks of air sickness, he had to pursue a different path. His last assignment was at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs as an instructor teaching Anatomy, Biology & Physiology.  
     When I'm not chasing kids or tending to the house I love to cook, sew, crochet, scrapbook, run and read. I usually try a new recipe every week, my favorites being desserts! I like to be out and about with my kids exploring the area where we live & making new friends. One of my favorite things to do is scroll through Facebook and see what my friends around the world are up to & catch up on what's happening with our family in NY. We also own a home on Little Sodus Bay, NY near our families and that is where the kids and I spend our summers.
I have loved being a military spouse, I hate the actual “moving” part, but it's so fun getting a new house & scenery every few years! I am so grateful for the benefits, opportunities & experiences that the AF has given my husband & our family. The greatest being able to be home with my children everyday.
     I am excited for this new chapter in our journey & look forward to getting to know the other spouses in our group!

October 6, 2014

Meet the Members Monday - Stephanie A.

       Hi all! My name is Stephanie Adams and my husband, Jason, is a first year Air Force med student. Phoenix is home for the both of us; we are what you call high school sweethearts. Our story started junior year of high school when a shy and awkward kid in my AP history class quietly asked me to prom. I said “sure” and the rest is history! When we first started dating, unbeknownst to me Jason was feverishly preparing to apply to the service academies. When he was accepted to the Air Force Academy I didn’t quite understand the commitment we both were embarking on.
       I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ majoring in nursing while he journeyed to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs majoring in civil engineering. We survived and even thrived in a 4 year long distance relationship during college. We married over 6 years ago and have been together for over 11.
       We have a very energetic and loving 3 year old little boy named Wyatt and a “sweet as pie” 5 month old little girl Stella Mae.  Right now my priority is holding down the fort while we figure out this whole med school thing. I have found myself amazingly busy with these two little kiddos and have decided to hold off on finding a job anytime soon. I was previously an oncology nurse working on inpatient units in both Tucson and Las Vegas- our first two stops on this military journey.
       I am a desert girl through and through so I am terrified of winter and driving in snow! If you have any helpful hints on how to survive cold weather, feel free to share! So far we are really enjoying the East coast and look forward to being here for the next four years!

September 23, 2014

SSC Fall Carnival!

SSC Fall Carnival

THIS Saturday!!  
September 27th, 4pm-6pm
USU Pavilion 
(past the baseball field and track at the back of the school)

Join us for food, prizes, moon bounce and some good ol' carnival games!

If you'd like to help out, we are still looking for a few food items and help with carnival stations/clean-up. Please see the Google Doc if you would like to sign up.

See you there!

September 8, 2014

Meet The Members Monday - Quinton W.

My name is Quinton Ward and I am the Men’s group Chair. My wife’s name is Chloe Ward and we have been married for 5 years. I am a retired U.S. Army veteran and my wife is an Air force 2nd year. I am a military brat so I’m not really from anywhere but my wife calls Atlanta home. We have 2 service dogs and a clowder of cats living with us and we do not have any children. Before coming to USU we lived in Baton Rouge LA where my wife attended LSU. I went to school for computer networking and now work at USU in the education reform office. My wife and I love to travel and are huge foodies. We love living here in the D.C. area because of the diversity in cuisine. In the military I was an instructor and a career counselor, I supported soldiers in helping them get to and pay for college. My wife and I just purchased our first home in Kensington and we will soon start renovations while she is away for clerkship rotations.

September 1, 2014

What is a Spouses Club Anyways?

Spouses’ Clubs: What are they good for? 

A few months ago, I came across an article from Military Spouse magazine posing the same question. I realized that 2 years ago, spouses’ groups were a foreign concept to me and it was the question I asked myself. I am now honored to be the president of this social club that is more than a social club, and a support system that is more than just a support system.

The author of that article gave a number of reasons to join a spouses’ group including support and socialization, helping new members, giving back to your community and for just plain FUN. I definitely recommend checking out the great points she makes about spouses’ clubs in general. 

But if you are here on this blog, you may be asking: 

What makes the USU Student Spouses Club different? 

The USU Student Spouses Club is a very unique group because there is no other military medical school (Uniformed Services University). Our students and military members are of all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Some are fresh out of college with minimal military experience while others had careers as medics, pilots, Rangers, and SEALs. In turn, that also makes for a very diverse group of spouses with a wealth of expertise and experience. But no matter what your background, we are all figuring out this military medical school thing together. No one comes in knowing what it is like to be a military medical student or spouse. The spouses club is here to help you adjust to this unique military environment, and any question you have is probably one we’ve all had too. So just ask! 

What else does being involved offer me? 

Most simply put, the SSC and all spouses clubs are communities, and many people find friends for life - whether through social events, play dates, or philanthropy events and support while your spouse is away. In the SSC, this can include traveling together on rotations, and always includes home-cooked meals for a new birth or adoption, as well as info sessions for each stage of the medical school experience. 

Philanthropy is also a big part of this club. We have been lucky enough to head up our very own event for the past couple of years, the SSC Wounded Warrior Run, but are looking to scale down the scope of the event this year to allow us to focus on other areas of our community as well.

The spouses club may sound like your grandmother's bridge club, but what's in a name? You don’t have to be a ‘spouse’ to be a part of the club, you don’t have to have children to get something out of it, and there are certainly no age/gender restrictions. We welcome girlfriends and boyfriends, fiancés and fiancées, wives and husbands.

In the end, the spouses club is what you make of it. If you are looking to learn more about the military or medical school life, we have that. If you are looking for a new friend group or play date buddies, a way to learn about, help and give back to your community we have that too.

 Any questions? All you have to do is ask!

August 21, 2014

Recipe Spotlight: Garbanzo Bean Cookies

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

Beans may be the last thing that come to your mind when you think 'dessert' but you also probably haven't tried this recipe. Plus, they are perfect for a vegan or gluten free diet- no flour, no oil, no eggs!

Here's what you'll need:

·         1 Can- Garbanzo Beans

·         2 tsp  - Vanilla Extract

·         1/2 Cup + 2 Tbsp - Peanut Butter

·         1/4 Cup - Honey

·         1 tsp- Baking Powder

·         Pinch of salt

·         1/2 Cup - Chocolate Chips (there are vegan chocolate chip available- or any other chip you'd like! We'll admit we used Ghiradelli!)

Here's how you make it happen:

·         Preheat the oven to 350F

·         Mix all the ingredients except for the chips in a food processor

·         Stir in chips

·         Spoon balls of dough onto cookie sheets and bake for 10 minutes

And that’s it! Thanks Kristen for branching out of your comfort zone to try a new recipe and a dessert we won't feel too guilty about eating for breakfast!

If you missed the meeting and didn't get to try with us, try it at home and let us know what you think!