December 16, 2013

Meet The Member Mondays- Sylvia B

Sylvia Brown
Married to Sterling Brown (Army) with two children, Isaac & Jehmon 

Where are you “from”? Where do you consider “home”? -> Texas for both, I consider myself a "misplaced Texan" since we've moved quite a bit. 

What’s your educational background? Bachelors in Business Administration in Information Systems from the University of Texas at San Antonio; Master's in Public Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY (City University of New York); 

What are your hobbies/interests? Sewing, listening to all kinds of music, crafting, finding interesting things on Pinterest

How long have you and your spouse been married/together? 9 years

Does your spouse have any prior service? yes,as of now has 17 years in the Army having been enlisted and then getting a direct commission as an officer. 

 Where has he/she been stationed? Korea, Bosnia (twice), Iraq, Ft Hood (3+), KS, NY, MD

What kind of experience have you had so far as a military spouse? It's been unique. Have met wives from all walks of life, from all over the world. I have gotten a new perspective on all sorts of things and have had many interesting experiences. 
Do you feel the military is responsive to your needs as a family and your individual concerns about quality of life, pay, benefits, etc.? 
It has gotten better. When I first married my husband, there wasn't really anyone to walk me through what services are available. Now that I am more 'seasoned', I make sure that if there is a new wife that doesn't know what is available, or that looks a bit lost, I shell out all my knowledge and direct them to the resources, and he/she can pick and choose what they feel fits the needs of their family. That's been one of my missions, especially here in MD, where some spouses are fresh out of joining the service and need help. 

Any positive or negative experiences you want to share?
 In general, I think, a spouse will have both experiences. I believe one should go with the flow when living this lifestyle because it's not an easy one. You really have a love/hate relationship with the service and sometimes you really need to throw in the towel and let it be. Other times, you need to grab the bull by the horns and take charge of whatever situation is presented to you as a spouse of the service member. I have been on both ends and I have made it through some tough times. The great thing about it is, you have some really great spouses that become your family and they help you through it all. Whether it is just listening to you rant or vent, or taking you out for an evening of fun, or whatever, you meet some great people that help you through.

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  1. Exactly! Life as a military spouse is not easy but having a great people around with the same experiences and together helping each other is something great. Cheers to military spouses.

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